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On Mission Together Weekend Recap
June 14-16, 2019

We consider our On Mission to have been a wonderful success.   What an experience!!  The following is a recap of our "adventures"!

Friday night, we gathered for food, fellowship, worship, and Holy Communion, all in
preparation for the next day’s endeavors.

On Saturday morning seventeen folks divided up into the following four groups:

Refreshment – Ready to pass out water, dog biscuits and collect prayer concerns, our missionaries found no one at the local parks. 

BUT...  As they drove by the Grace Community  
Food Pantry,located north of Bunnell on US 1, 
they noticed more than 100 vehicles lined up 
waiting for food at the Food Pantry,located 
north of Bunnell on US 1.

The nudge of the Holy Spirit caused them to pull 
over and  begin to offer water and prayers as 
well as several cars with K-9 passengers!

                                                                         Next was a trip to Flagler Beach                                                                               where they walked the boardwalk 
                                                                          along A-1-A offering cold bottles of                                                                           water and...  YES!!!!

                                                                          There were thirsty doggies!!                                    

Mercy – This group of missionaries’ set-up in 2 locations in Bunnell: The Ace Hardware and Family Dollar offering to wash windshields as well as taking prayer requests. Many good conversations were had, and a clean windshield provided some with a new perceptive.

Gratitude – Armed with homemade cookies and thank you cards, our missionaries
visited local police, fire, hospital, rehab centers, and local businesses, offering tasty
treats and gratitude for what these people do in our community. As one of our
missionaries reported, “when we would walk in folks were skeptical, but when we left,
most of the time they would be smiling.”

Prayer – Without prayer none of this could have happened. Our prayer team settled
into the sanctuary to begin a time of prayer and worship, and we know this helped to
guide us that morning.

    After everyone returned, there was a light lunch (mostly leftovers from the 
    previous night), sharing experiences and praying over the prayer cards that 
    were collected. Sunday morning all came together worshiping God, sharing 
    the weekend experiences, and offering up in prayer the needs of those who 
    allowed us the privilege of praying for them.   

With all this in mind, we know this is not the end but only the beginning!

Oh No!!!!  
Where is everybody???